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23 March 2006

Of Montreal

"The Coffee Shop"

Listening to Montrealers (Montrealians?) order coffee and croissant is like listening to poetry.
Seeing the reaction on the cashier's face as I order, using my nasally English, is like seeing her react to fingernails on a chalkboard. 

But then, I doubt my nasally, rudimentary French would ease her pain.


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The funny thing is that to French people, the québécois accent sounds all nasally! :)


Beau: I feel your pain; been there myself. Santé!



I write about Première Moisson on my blog whenever I can. Now I can mention it on yours, seeing as it's so on-topic...
For a Montreal croissant to match that spectacular sample of Apple Ice Wine you need only cross the street from the Salon des Vins and walk into the train station. In the food fair area, you'll see the bakery Première Moisson (conveniently located next to the liquor store). Buy yourself a croissant à l'érable or "Maple Croissant". They are $2.95 each. You'll be buying them in multiples -- trust me! They are worth every penny.


Oh Ali...No you did-n-t!

Tim - awkwardness is good for the soul, or character, or humility, or something..

Marcus - Going to grab a maple croissant in the mornin.

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