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28 March 2006

Salon Standouts I

When one tastes dozens of wines in a short amount of time, specificity takes a back seat to sweeping generalizations.  Memorable wines are judged 'good' or 'really good.'  All others are quickly forgotten.  For a few of these 'really good' wines, I jotted Cliffs tasting notes with the hope that I would remember why I liked them.


Tasting so much wine at one time can make your head spin

Chateau Saint-Thibeaud Bordeaux Blanc 2004 ($10): Grassy-lemon-banana.  Character & complexity for ten bucks..sold.  Saucy scallops, please.

Dopff & Irion Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles 1998 ($30): Light, with a zesty-forward style.  Surprisingly delicate & elegant for a botrytis wine.  Add foie gras and be happy.

Chateau de Parenchere Bordeaux Clairet (not Claret) 2005 (~$15):  My first Bordeaux rosé.  The ideal pink wine for food.  Bright, crisp acidity and noticeable tannins fill the mouth.  No Hi-C here.

Montesodi Chianti Ruffina 2001 ($40):  By Frescobaldi.  This is one badass Chianti.  Slightly floral on the nose with bracing tannins in the mouth.  Extended time in barrel has made Montesodi finish smoothly, but it still seems rather frisky.  Another few years will make it more approachable...or soften it up with a pile of bubbling cheese atop lasagna.

Frescobaldi Pomino Rosso 2001 ($25):  Dig this - a Pinot Noir with a little Sangiovese & Merlot added to spice things up.  Scents of mint, eucalyptus and dried cherry.  Pomino is quite delicate, yet hangs around on the tongue for some time.  My kind of sippin' wine.  Give me game hens.


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