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18 March 2006

Schilcher - Austria's Rosé

Schilcher Speaking of rosé, have you tried Schilcher?  Me neither (at least not yet).  However, this May, you can bet your kugels I'll be schniffing and schipping scheveral glaschess of Schilcher.

Schilcher is unique to Western Styria, which is often referred to as Austria's most eccentric wine producing region (and that's saying something).  This rosé is made from Blauer Wildbacher, a highly acidic indigenous grape variety.  Schilcher is described by those in the know as, "[purple] onion peel to salmon pink," in color.  In addition to tongue tickling acidity, Schilcher is full of herbal and spice notes.  It's rarely seen outside Western Styria, save for occasional appearances in Viennese wine bars.

This unique pink wine is said to shift colors as it shimmers ('schillern' in German) in the glass.  Hence, the name, "Schilcher."  Of course, if you want to know more about Schilcher and Western Styria, you'll just have to join me in the Live Austrian Wine Adventure!



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