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07 March 2006

Wine for the Bada-Bing!

If I were a big fan of The Sopranos, I might throw a Season 6 Premier Party.  Naturally I would serve vino Italiano.  My crew wouldn't get none of them B's - Barolo, Barbresco, Barbera.  Rather, I'd head to 'the family's' Island - Sicily.  Why should one look to Sicily (just don't stare) for get-together wine?  Two words: cheap wine.  Now hold on a minute.  It aint so bad.

Sure, Sicily's vino past is a bit cloudy.  With its hot summer temperatures, the island produced generations of highly alcoholic, color-intense wine, which was used as blending juice. In fact, it's a dirty little secret that many French vignerons bought 'protection' for their weaker wines from La Cosa Loro.

More recently however, a few capos decided they would have more success conquering the wine world with style rather than brute strength.  These cerebral Sicilians focused on quantity over quality.  And believe you me, you should have no problem with that.  Nowadays one can procure high fallutin' Sicilian vino at boutique prices (you don't even have to know a guy).  One may also, if one is so inclined, track down rosy pink wine from the island (I happen to know a guy). 

Luckily it seems that a few vino consigliori even persuaded their boss to produce good. cheap. wine.  To the folks at Feudo Arancio, I offer a hearty hug of gratitude for two Sicilians that should be at every wiseguy get-together on March 12.

A unique white wine full of lemon zest, cucumber, romaine and white pepper scents.  This wine is great with pork chops or baked ziti.  It's even solid enough to stand up to a slice (either New York or Chicago).

'Nero' (Feudo Arancio Nero D'Avola 2003 - $7)
Nero is the current holder of the vaunted Basic Juice 'best damn red wine under ten bucks' title.  Now don't expect the earth to move after sipping this wine.  But as a spicy-fruity sipping beverage to nurse as you watch Tony, Christopher and Carmela wrestle with inner demons, Nero is just the ticket.  And yes, it will pair perfectly with mama's spaghetti or a leftover slice.


Feudo Arancio Nero D'Avola:  It's big at the Bada-Bing!

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Nice post Beau...we've been big on the Nero around here for a while...nice to see it getting some notice...


Hey Stephen - Do you have any favorite pairings with the Nero? Or perhaps you're working up a Sopranos premiere menu (hint hint)

Terry Hughes

Beau, don't know if you've ever tried the Fondo Antico Grillo, but it's delicious--honey and light citrus notes--fantastic for summertime sipping. Not $$, about $10-12.


Dude...I've had this wine a couple times...big fan. I can even find a magnum for 11 bucks...hard to beat that, eh?


Lenn -
Do yer buddies in 'waste management' get you a special price?

Terry - Thanks for the tip. Now that I've got a little intro to Grillo via Feudo Arancio, I'm interested in discovering more wines made from it. I'll look for it.

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