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07 April 2006

Best of the Juice: White Ships of Spain

Spring is springin'.  That puts me in the mood for the unique white wines of Rioja, Rueda and Rias Baixas.  Ahoy matey!

Screw Robert Goulet and his Red Ships of Spain.  Today I sing the praises of...

The White Ships of Spain

SpainshipsThe modern day Spanish wine armada is overwhelmingly red.  Let’s leave these red ships of Spain for a minute and focus on a much smaller fleet: The white ships of Spain.  In fact, for this expedition, we are going to exclude the Cava (Spanish bubbly) and Sherry contingents of our white flotilla, and focus on three white wine producing regions:  Rioja, Rueda, and Rias Baixas.  Wine from these regions is commonly available in most wine shops.  To find it, just sail past all the red.

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