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26 April 2006

BJI: Internationale Edition

Basic Juice Intelligencer
26 April 2006
Internationale Edition

India, The Sleeping Wine Tiger - In a country where whisky is the beverage of choice, wine is making surprising gains.  The current trends show a 30% increase in wine consumption per year.  St. Vini cautions that the Indians should organize and regulate their wine industry sooner rather than later.

French Field Blending - The Caveman gives us a crash course on the intriguing practice of field blending, pioneered by the likes of Jean Michel Deiss in Alsace.  Field blending is the practice of co-planting or co-mixing varietals in the vineyard, rather than mixing finished wines.  Caveguy wades deeper into the practice by discussing Luc de Conti, a vigneron in Bergerac.  Interesting stuff.

Mango-roasted pork & tuna pie with rich cheese pastry - Melissa, the chef from Panama introduces us to a highly original and tasty use for left over pork ribs and canned tuna.  It looks quite tasty.  Where's my Grüner?

WBW + IMBB - WineBloggingWednesday #21 and Is My Blog Burning have combined into a single culinary event for May.  You've got two choices: Select a bottle of wine and create a dish that goes with it, or, select a dish from your recipe repertoire and then find a wine to compliment your culinary creation.

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