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10 April 2006

BJI: Scandal Edition


Basic Juice Intelligencer
10 April 2006
Scandal Edition


The Big DuBoeuf-ski - It seems Mssr. Duboeuf is not the only 'bad boy George' to roam the halls of power.  The DuDude "faces a £130,000 fine for allegedly tampering with 300,000 bottles of wine..."Duboeuf appeared in court on Tuesday to deny accusations of 'fraud and attempted fraud concerning the origin and quality of wines'." [Decanter via Vinosense]

Reader Jameson of Le Wine Blog reports back from his debauche-filled weekend in Sin City:  "I was at a restaurant in Vegas and they were offering the Beringer White Zinfandel for 30 bucks a bottle.  I think that is the most gougetastic pricing I have ever seen.  I think this is a maybe $3 cost wine for a restaurant.  Unbelieveable."  Let's hope that what happens in Vegas stays in L.V.  Eegad.


The Desert One Debacle - Not necessarily a scandal, per se, but certainly a fascinating, if little known bit of history.  Read about it in this month's Atlantic.

Myheritage Scandalous!  Was Mama with a Rolling Stone?  Find out at MyHeritage Face Recognition.  Or just see which celebrity the magic face matching algorithm thinks you most resemble. The celebrity I most resemble?  Forest Whitaker!?? [found via Poplicks

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Forrest Whitaker? WTF? ;)

I gotta check this thing out..maybe I look like Chris Rock?


I was came back with Billy Ocean.

Get out of my dreams....get into my car...


Quincy Jones for me. Can't say I see a resemblence...! (Indeed, given the hat I was wearing in the photo, I thought I would end up with Mike Nesmith, for sure...)


Yeah but Quincy is just so damn cool. Maybe it was your photo's aura of coolness?

Cam Wheeler

I got Jesse Jackson on one photo and Bruce Willis on another - could kind of see a bit of facial structure resemblance on both.

Better than my (male) friend who was also in the second photo and was recognised as Christina Ricci!


It must be the ears....

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