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24 April 2006

Moshe on Kosher

Kosher2 Our Friend, Moshe, of the Kosher Wine Review answers our questions about rules & regulations on Kosher wine:

"Non-Jews may handle properly sealed bottles and casks of wine; but if they open, pour, or otherwise handle the wine after it has been opened, the wine is no longer kosher. There is a loophole: wine that's been heated is exempt from this rule. This kind of wine is called "Mevushal," which means "cooked." Because restaurants and hotels have both Jewish and non-Jewish employees, kosher restaurants and kosher banquets almost always serve mevushal wine exclusively."

Read the rest of Moshe's Kosher insights in the original post: "Is That Kosher?"  Thanks to Moshe for helping us better understand this interesting topic.

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