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05 April 2006

One is the loneliest number


(doesn't this look lonely?)

Mackerel2 Food without wine makes the baby Bacchus cry.  Thankfully, Sir Andrew of Spittoon, is challenging all foodies and winos to try their hands at d.i.y sommelier-ing.  "Combinations" is the blogosphere wine & food pairing challenge he's cooked up.  And he's not going easy on us landlubbers.  Ya'll have until April 24 to submit a wine pairing (which you've actually tried with his recipe) for m m mackerel & rhubarb sauce.  Go on, give it a go - and report back.

50in50_200 What's better than one wine?  How about fiddy/five-o/half a C note/- wines?  Long Island Lenn is playing the role of ambitious oenophile - he's going for 50 wines in 50 weeks.  "Bah.  Big deal," you say?  We're not talking any 50 wines; we're talking 50 wines from all 50 U.S. states.  Now that is what I call ambition.  Hey, Lenn, I hear that Hawaiian "King Kamehamea" Cabernet is the shizzle.  Mahalo!  Visit Lenndevours to keep track of Lenn's virtual wine road trip.

Last, but not least, don't forget to tune your iPods to Winecast.  Tim will be providing the audio hotness during LAWA.  Tim, Is it OK if I refer to you as, "DJ Vin?"


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I kinda like the ring to "DJ Vin"; do I have to now wear an oversized Tastevin?



yup - Rhinestone encrusted at that.

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