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17 April 2006

Song of the Day: Then drink to me, Babe

Ac_slowwonder A.C Newman is best known as the front man for the popular and critically acclaimed band, The New Pornographers (relax, it's just the band's name).  A couple of years ago the prolific Newman cut an album titled The Slow Wonder.  It's a collection of songs, which displays his fine pop song-writing skills.  My favorite track from this record is, "Then drink to me, Babe."  This song is a bit more down tempo than much of the album.  It's a very listenable, acoustic-accented song, which conveys feelings of both hope and melancholia.  The perfect Song for a Monday.

Listen to Then drink to me, Babe here

Think of this song as a surprisingly complex California Rosé, a la Terre Rouge's Vin Gris d'Amador 2003 (~$12).

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