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18 April 2006

Ten Buck Tuesday: Sicily v. Portugal

Boxingw In the 'Global' corner we have...
Feudo Arancio Chardonnay (2004, $8) - weighing in at 13.5% alcohol.  This Chardonnay hails from Sicily.  It's an un-oaked wine, with a surprisingly crisp character.  Arancio Chardonnay offers flavors of citrus and pineapple.  It's perfectly serviceable, yet a little too generic to my taste.  If you're interested in a cheap Sicilian, I recommend going with Feudo's Grillo, a native white grape or Nero D'Avola, a spicy-fruity red wine that's perfect with pizza.

In the 'Quirky' corner we have...
Aveledavv Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde (NV, $8) - weighing in at a svelte 8.5% alcohol.  This light, salivary gland-tickling, slightly bubbly wine is made to be drunk within two years of its born-on date. Vinho Verde (green wine) is a traditional wine made in Portugal's rainy northwest.  In this damp climate, vines grow quickly and produce grapes high in acid and low in sugar.  The result is a very light wine that tastes something like a Granny Smith apple-lime spritzer.  In fact some might argue that it "tastes great," while others contend it's, "less filling."  Try it with Tempura or a Feta & spinach salad.

And the winner of this week's Ten Buck Tuesday is...Avelda Vinho VerdeFind it online or at a shop near you.

Have you discovered any ten buck champions recently?


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the Luzon Verde 2004 from Jumilla in Spain is simply divine and at $8/bottle, it tastes all the better!


I know it's not exactly $10 chuck, but, for an alternative to a Sicillian white, I love the 2004 Cusumano Insolia (another uniquely Sicillian white) for about $10.99 amazing with a seafood paella.


Ann - kudos to you for suggesting a white from Jumilla. I've only had red from this region. Now I've got to search for Luzon Verde so I can try something new-to-me!

Marty - I'll spot you the $0.99 to go over budget for this Sicilian white. I really think the whole $2/$3/$x-buck Chuck thing is a groupthink phenomenon (e.g. "I got Chuck for $1.99." "Wow, I found it for $2.75."). People forget they're drinking lame wine and focus on the coins they save.


oops. beau, it's a red!
sorry, i totally missed the white theme, chalk it up to, uh, too much wine!


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