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27 April 2006

The Power of Blog Compels You

Exorcist_w "De-lurk! I Say."

Today is the day.  I want to know who you are.  Yes, you - the one who visits Basic Juice on a regular basis, but abstains from commenting.  Don't be afraid to join our discussion; everyone here is a well-behaved wino wine connoisseur.  Jump down to the comments section and tell us one or more of the following:

  • Where you're from
  • The name of your blog/home page (feel free to link to it)
  • The last really, truly, blow-you-away bottle of wine you sampled
  • The best or most annoying thing about Basic Juice
  • A topic I should address
  • Your favorite color
  • The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow

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A quick hi from a semi-regular commenter. Allan is leaving a comment telling you the last blow-you-away bottle we sampled.

I'm here to say that I love that new graphic of you and the straw over there in the left sidebar.

Oh, and I fart in your general direction.


1. Kentucky
2. AllanThinks
3. Dom Perignon 1993
4. Best: I can relate to most everything you address. Many other wine blogs are way over my head.
5. Spend more time with distilled spirits, especially Cognac and Bourbon.
6. Green
7. African or European?


swallow? eeewwww, gross.
Nothing like hangovers to bring out the child in you...

I think the new photo is both playful, sexy and rugged... but Not in that Brokeback mountain sort of way.

I like your blog, but you know that.

My last bottle was a Vougeot 2001, les Cras from Vougeraie...

Good Morning Utah,and still waitin' on Howard


Ali - of course I am French. Why do you think I have this outrageouuuus accent-uh?

Allan - I've got some cognac & bourbon stuff in the hopper.

Bill - it's 6:30 am. you're up w/a hangover? wacky.

To all the others, I repeat: "De-lurk!"


Indiana (I am a college student, and have not had time to update this page in an eternity, but look for major updates coming soon as I finish the semester and spend all summer tasting wine.)
Okay, I am only 21, but I've had a few standout bottles in my time, most notably a 1er Crus Chablis (that is all I remember about it) and an Indiana (yes, Indiana) Oliver 2004 Creekbend Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.
More Chablis and Bubbly (Can I ever get enough bubbly?)
Faster that me


ok you win...

1. North Carolina
2. coming soon hopefully...
3. Rosenblum Zinfandel Harris-Kratka Vineyard 2003
4. great obscure grape selections
5. i'll have to brainstorm this one
6. blue
7. they're not indigenous to this region....


1)Cambridge uk


3)Salice Salentino

4)Its cool and down to earth

5)The demise of cork


7)pretty quick


1. Beaverton, Oregon.
2. Sound and Fury
3. Genium Costers Vi de Guarda 2003 from Spain - an excellent Grenache/Syrah blend.
4. Your tasting notes are great, especially the non-traditional formats.
5. Why (not so much how) grapes ripen - the biological basis.
6. Impossible to choose.
7. Seven, but the units are sketchy.


1. "Joisey" (the only US state where you can omit the word "New" in the name and still know what state you're talking about!)
2. no wine blog yet, but website is
3. 1998 Lopez de Heredia Viña Bosconia Reserva Rioja
4. More people should post comments
5. slow wine
6. red
7. with or against the wind?


Portland, OR

gastronomical gastronomicon

Thomas Pinot Noir 2004

your tasting notes lack pomp. you deserve a hug

you're doing well by me


barometric pressure is a big factor, don't you think?


1. Long Island Wine Country (bet you didn't know that)
3. Hmmmm...2003 Blend One from Roanoke Vineyards
4. Beau is one cool cat, fo shizzle
5. Local Utah wines and wine laws
6. Merlot
7. Syrah? ;)

Rick Dobbs

1. San Francisco, CA
2. The Martini Lounge
3. Probably the Stephen Kent "Constitution" or something like that.
4. Best: Good writing. Worst: Cat updates
5. Best wines with certain fast food menu items (Which red really goes with a Burrito Supreme?)
6. Haven't seen them fly, I usually wrap them around the club that I use on baby seals.


* Santa Maria CA
* Santa Barbara County Wine Notes
* Barrel 27 Syrah
* I like your overall spirit
* ???
* green
* I think swallow is probably slower than spit.

Jason Truesdell
  1. Where: Seattle, WA
  2. Blog: Pursuing My Passions
  3. Wine: Chateau Ste Michelle, Cold Creek Vineyard Syrah (2001? 2002? who remembers?)
  4. The best or most annoying thing about Basic Juice: Your ability to post multiple times per day (which I suppose falls into both categories).
  5. A topic I should address: What's the deal with canned wine at yuppie supermarkets?
  6. Color: I'm increasingly fond of yellow and orange.
  7. The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow: Physics was never my strong point. How about some tea?

1. Akron, Ohio by way of Chi-town
2. Vin Vini Vino
3. Oh, I hate to play favorites, but 1997 Cerbaiona Brunello di Montalcino
4. I second the new picture of you. Sweet.
5. Best case of wine you ever bought.
6. Oh, no. Last time I picked a favorite color the other ones got mad at me.
7. At least as fast as Speed Racer.

Carl W Schulze

1) Princeton, NJ
2) Not yet sufficiently self-confident to have a blog; my business site ( would be totally uninteresting to you, dealing as it does with the nutritional testing of animal feeds.
3) '99 Dom. de Cantaussels Pic St. Martin. On a trip to Savoie last summer to ride my bike and see a bit of the Tour de France I first encountered the fact that Languedoc has been producing some very price-worthy wines lately, so when I got home I bought about a dozen different ones. This one is the pick of the litter, easily.
4) Lucid writing. And devoid of those wince-worthy mis-spellings and grammatical errors so common in most blogs.
5) You don't seem to lack for imagination or ideas.
6) Purple, but not the purple wine-lovers tend to conjure up; more the purple of Ralph Lauren's purple label.
7) Upwind or downwind? (we cyclists tend to be very sensitive about wind direction)


1. New Hampshire (or... near Boston to most of the world)


Daddy what are you doing?

(thoughts on food)

Off Campus

(silly bits)

3. A bit embarrased... but a bottle of the 2005 Yellow Tail Shiraz-Cabernet blend --- oh so good with a half-baked dark chocolate cake.

4. well written, updated often (love the RSS thing), you know (and love) your subject and don't take yourself too seriously
(very noble indeed!)

5. a new reader - plenty of archives and links... I'm good for a while!

6. blue

7. are you suggesting coconuts migrate?


* Seneca, SC
* Fury
* Clos de Sarpe
* Love the wine recs and commentaries
* California zinfandel (maybe you already have--I'm a new reader, making my way through old stuff)
* Green
* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


To the De-Lurked:
Doesn't that feel better? Much thanks much for the input - it will shape future posts.

However, I still see a number of lurkers out there. Talk to us!

Jathan MacKenzie

* California


* 2001 HL EII

* Your non-pretentious, no nonsense, creative writing style.

* Have you done a piece on White Zin yet?

* Green, hands down.

* 42

** Rick Dobbs is a funny guy.**


Knoxville, TN

The Unemployed Cook (link above)

A bottle of champagne my husband and I brought back from our honeymoon in the south of France. I annoyingly can't seem to remember the name, damnit.

I love your unpretentious attitude towards wine, being someone that is interested in the subject but not-so-interested in going on and on about every little note. Also, I'm broke, and appreciate the budget-friendly recommendations you sometimes give.

You've already touched on it, but I am currently fascinated with the newer, nicer boxed wines, like Daniel Boulud new "bag in tube". I would love a more comprehensive review in your words.
Your favorite color

Oy. My Monty Python knowledge is not so deep. Rather, I will apologize for writing so much.


Oh! My favorite color is green, and my husband has a better memory than I: the champagne was Champagne Lancelot-Peinne.

Now I will skulk back to lurking, as I've talked too much.

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