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21 May 2006

Gross Tasting


[update] Hear the interview with Ulrike Gross at Winecast

First, you should know that the word, "Gross," means "grand," "big" or "great" in German.  As such, the Weingut Gross, is situated in a grand corner of the world - southern Styria; just over the border from Slovenia, in the village of Ratsch.  My host, Ulrike, wife of Alois Gross the winemaker, suggested we taste a few of the family's wines in an untraditional manner....with a Jause (Styrian dialect meaning snack).  Ulrike endangered my arteries by introducing me to a little something called Verhakert.


The New Shed Spread

This little creation is made from lard and air-dried, smoked bacon. One slathers it on a piece of bread and enjoys the rich smoky, tasty flavor, with a glass of Gross Muskateller (Muscat) from the Kittenberg vineyard (available in the US through Vin DiVino).  Take a sip, nibble on some bread slathered in Verhakert or salami; and sit back and take in the serenity from Styria's rolling green hills.


The Gross Winery

[update] Hear the interview with Ulrike Gross at Winecast

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