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01 May 2006

J-Lo on Georgia's Mind

A couple of weeks ago, I reported on Russia's ban of Georgian (the republic, not U.S. state) wine imports:

"Russia has banned wine imports from its neighbors Moldova and Georgia.  It's a move that many consider to be punishment for the pro-Western friendliness of these former Soviet states."

Faced with the dire effects of the Russian wine embargo, Georgia has decided to bypass the red phone, and ignore the bat phone.  The country is going for the big guns - J-Lo:

"The government has offered the American dancer turned singer, actor and fashion icon $500,000 (£273,000) to go to Georgia to celebrate Independence Day in the capital, Tbilisi, on May 26."

Alas, Georgian wine doesn't appear to be on the mind of Ms. Lopez.  She rejected the offer, but only after demanding "unrealistic conditions" for her appearance and more cash from Georgia's coffers.

Neither Ms. Lopez, nor her spokespeople could be reached for comment.  Sigh.  Oh what could have been...


J-Lo sez: "Drink Georgian Wine.  It's Bootyrific!"

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Damn Jenny from the Block! I predict that if she had taken the gig, we'd ALL be buying Georgian wines right now ;)

Or at least I would.

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