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01 May 2006

Moment of Silence

If you are disturbed by non-wine editorials that are geopolitical in nature, you might want to skip this post.


Two thousand four hundred U.S. soldiers killed in action.  Fathers, sisters, sons, mothers, brothers, daughters, cousins, neighbors, friends - dead.


Nearly seventeen thousand five hundred U.S. service members wounded.  Shattered bodies, pain, anguish, PTSD - casualties.


Over one and a half times greater than the population of my home town.  Dead Iraqis.  Killed by military intervention.  Children. Women. Men. Collateral damage.

How many more have been killed, yet uncounted?


WMD? "..we cannot wait for the final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud"


In league with al Qaeda? "[Hussein] had long-established ties with al Qaeda."


Then why?  Why the killing?  Why the violence?  Why war?

Will we let it happen again?

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I give these thoughts a moment of silence every day. I AM the kind of person who reads geopolitical editorials on a wine blog. I AM the kind of person who argues these points endlessly at parties, despite the fact that it's a "taboo" subject. And I AM the kind of person that nods silently in agreement with you, and wonders why there are still 32% of Americans that don't get it.


Fucked up, but this is all from a guy whose response to high oil prices is to relax environmental standards and drill in a wildlife refuge. How much money has dubya and cheney's buddies made over the last 8 years? Invading Iraq was a fab business decision for a few. From someone looking at this from the other side of the border, I can only shake my head when I read that 32% of the population still backs this criminel.


Thank you Katie.
That means quite a lot. 32% - that's an amazingly high number of people who refuse to see reality.


Thanks Beau, for taking the time to remind us of the War Criminal's acts on our hard as it is to think about it, we must, every day.

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