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04 May 2006

Net Neutrality: It Matters

Savethenet If you tried to reach a Typepad-powered blog this past Tuesday, the blog of your e-desire was likely painfully slow in loading or unable to load at all.  "So what." You say.  "Why should I care?"  Imagine a day without Basic Juice, Fermentation or Lenndevours (all Typepad-powered).  That would be a dark day indeed.  Apparently the problem was that Typepad was the victim of one mean denial of service attack.

What does this have to do with Net neutrality?  Allow me to explain.

Without Net neutrality the big Internet providers such as Comcast and AOL could control the speed of Internet content as it flows across their corner of the Web.  It doesn't take a genius to see that these corps would shake down content providers, bloggers included, for 'speed money.'  In other words, you as an AOL user would likely be able to speedily download content from Yellowtail's *cough* blog *cough* but might only be able to read your favorite wine blog after a tar pit-like download (recall 14.4 modems?).  Every day could seem like a DoS attack.

Visit Save the Internet and find out what you can do to preserve Net neutrality.  After all, the Internet was developed with taxpayer money (yes, Mr. Gore had something to do with it).  It's the last truly democratic medium.  Let's keep it that way.

Act now.

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First the war, now net! this wine blog is doing more than its fair share of nudging the world towards the right path. Thanks again Beau!


It would be indeed a sad day if we bloggers were forced to a slow, dark corner of the Internet.


I think Chuck D said it best...

"We got to fight the powers that be"

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