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08 May 2006

Now With Permalinked Titles

Newimproved Basic Juice is New! it's Improved! I now offer permalinked titles.  Go ahead, mouse over the title of this post.  It's hyperlinked.  Amazing!  When you wish to link to one of the many droplets of wine wisdom dribbled here each and every day, you simply have to copy the link from the title, rather than searching for the "permalink" in tiny text at the bottom of the post.

Ah, the conveniences of modernity. 

If your blog is Typepad-powered, find out how to add permalinked titles at Typepad Hacks.

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john t unger


Thanks for the link. Glad you found the title hack useful!


john - Thank you. TPhacks is a great resources for those of us wanting to bend typepad outside the norm.

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