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09 May 2006

Ten Buck Tuesday: 13-buck Vermentino


Hear ye, hear ye.  The judges* have invoked a little known clause to the Ten Buck Tuesday rules, in which all Italian islands beginning with the letter "S"  ending in "A" are granted a three-dollar exception (what with all the extra transport, marauding seagulls, duties, etc).  Thus, Argiolas' Vermentino di Sardegna Costamolino, is awarded this week's TBT title.

Vermentino is one of Italy's most rugged white grapes.  It can endure heat and drought, yet still produce wines with zip.  This grape is a staple in the vineyards along Sardinia's coast.  V-tino also seems to enjoy the Tuscan coast.

The Skinny
Argiolas Vermentino di Sardegna Costamolino 2004 ($9-$13)

  • 100% Vermentino from the Costamolino vineyard on Sardenia/Sardegna (the rock ricocheting off of Italy's shin); imported by Leo LoCascio
  • 13.5% alcohol, vinified in stainless steel tanks, partial malo-lactic fermentation
  • Intensely bright green-gold in color
  • scents of lemon and pepper along with subtle notes of fresh parsley
  • In the mouth, Argiolas is full-bodied and viscous.  It offers tart lemon-herb flavors, along with a nifty finish, which is simultaneously crisp and creamy.  Considering this Vermentino's considerable heft (13.5% alcohol), the wine maintains an admirably crisp acidity


This wine is sitr-fry friendly, peachy with salmon roulade, and superb with succulent scallops. 

Do you know of any budget island (Sicily, Corsica, New Zealand) wines that can compete with Argiolas' "big V"?

*Ten Buck Tuesday is like Calvinball - the rules may change at any time

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A favorite of mine for amost 10 years. I agree it's fabulous, but if you're going to bring New Zealand into this...I'd like to see Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc and the Argiolas go a few rounds in the ring.


I think KC Kiwi Blanc vs. Vermentino would be quite a tussle. I'm always impressed by Kim Crawford wines - they make a helluva lot of the stuff, but it's still quite distinct and high quality.

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