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22 June 2006

Don't Sleep On The Juice

Bj_exclaimlogow Perhaps you've noticed that the last month+, Basic Juice has been all Austria, all the time.  However, 'the Juice' offers one of the most diverse collection of wine-related nuggets on the www.  You want entertaining, informative, copyright-free articles?  Read my refreshingly un-boring wine articles here.  Fridge empty?  Got a hot date?  Tired of drinking Yoo-Hoo with dinner?  Then have a look at my wine reviews.  You can even locate tasty wine by browsing by color (red, white, sparkling, rosé) or origin (France, Italy, California).  And for the wine lover with a little googlephile mixed in, you can search the 1,000 blog entries for anything.  Simply enter your search words in the box (at left) under, "search the juice."  Amaze your friends with this treasure trove of wine knowledge at your fingertips!  Finally, for the foodies; check out the wine-friendly recipes and d.i.y. sommelier ideas.  You'll be chowing down in style.

Stay tuned for more wine/food/travel/music action at Basic Juice.  Cheers.

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