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23 June 2006

G'sprtizter: The Hi Temp Solution

Gspritzter_01 Towards the end of my Austrian Adventure, the Centigrade poked it's head over 30 a number of times.  Add a little Luftfeuchtigkeit (humidity) to this temperature, and I become a bipedal sweat waterfall.  My goal under such climatic conditions is to seek shade, air movement and a cool beverage.  Many of Austria's young white wines hit the spot.  However, I quickly realized, in my soggy state, that I was gulping rather than sipping.  At $6-$7 per fill-up, a glass of wine isn't the ideal solution to lower body temp & refresh.  What to do?  One day at an outdoor cafe, I decided to take a cue from my fellow refreshment seekers.  Many of them were drinking G'spritztersA G'spritzter is simply wine (white or red) mixed with cold club soda.  I was hesitant to take the G'spritzter G'plunge.  I mean, once we begin adulterating wine, aren't we just a stone's throw from that slippery slope called, "Arbor Mist?"  But heat makes people do crazy things, so I relented an ordered up a large white wine G'spritzter

Ahhhh.  Say hello to the perfect high temperature beverage solution.  A typical G'spritzter is about 10-20% wine with 80-90% club soda.  This concoction is low in calories (go ahead and chug) and low in alcohol (you'll be able to rehydrate).  Think of it as a wine-based long drink.  Of course, the mixing wine should be young, fruity and cheap (note: cheap ≠ plonk/bad wine).  Now, before you poopoo the idea of a fizzy, wine-based drink, give it a try. 

Your assignment this weekend is to make your own G'spritzter.  For white wine, I recommend Berger Grüner Veltliner 2004 ($12, 1 litre bottle) or Saint M Riesling 2004 ($10).  For a red G'sprtizter, seek out red wine with soft tannins and fruity flavor.  Austria's very own Zweigelt is perfect.  If you prefer to stay domestic, try Renwood's Barbera.  Now, if you want to get really crazy, try a rosé G'spritzter (something I never saw on an Austrian drink menu).  As an incentive, for Basic Juice readers to sample this sprtizy concoction, I'm asking for an anglicized name.  So, if you drink one this weekend, think up a more pronounceable name.  If you happen to submit the most creative, catchy name, I'll post your name in lights on Basic Juice! 

As if you needed an incentive to drink more.


The G'spritzter is a popular drink in Austrian bars & restaurants.  G'ive it a g'try.

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Thanks for your engaging writing about wine. I've been following your blog for a while now, and it was nice to see Typepad recognize you the other day. Keep up the good work.

Finally opened a 1997 Markham Petite Sirah last week. Timing was perfect. Thick and jammy with a nice finish.


Hi Dan,
Thanks for the compliments. A Petite Sirah sounds perfect right now..


aha! they drink wine like this in Croatia too. There they call it "bevanda". The boyfriend and I have been keeping cheap white wine around ever since because it's such a wonderful way, as you note, to cool down, and enjoy sipping all night long, with less deleterious effects!

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