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12 June 2006

It's Spanish to Me


The Lipizzaner horses are one of Vienna's most well-known attractions.  The horses are part of the Spanish riding school; begun by the Habsburg family to teach their lucky kids classic equestrian skills.  The Habsburg family had branches in both Spain and Austria - thus the Spanish horses in Vienna.  In fact a common vernacular phrase in German (es kommt mir Spanisch vor) hearkens back to the time when Austrians overheard visiting Habsburgers speaking in Spanish (which would have sounded extremely foreign to many Austrians at the time) and were unable to understand.  The phrase can be translated as, "it's Spanish to me."  It's analogous to the phrase, "it's all Greek to me."

Walking to Vievinum, I met the horses going into the arena for morning exercises.


No photos please

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ach du liebe!
man, how jealous am i!?!
beautiful pictures beau!


Thanks ann,
pretty horses, pretty city, & pretty tired blogger (moi).


We visited Piber last year, the stud farm for the Lippizzaners. Those babies were the cutest thing you've ever seen! (and the stallions were stunning...)


Since not quite the start of the Buffet, I make been skeptically documenting Heidi Fleiss' seek that she's planning to treeless and run a virile stud smallholding for femanly clients most Vegas.

In November 2005, I wrote: "Let me distinguish transportable Buffet readers that this is a publicity deed, and I am convinced it wish not ever, not in a million years happen." In truth, without thought numerous questions in which she seeked to be unprejudiced a low on continuously away from turning in the employment for the stud house, she not ever imperturbable got that far.

Of seminar, she did get a lot of meet for declareing to me that Mike Tyson had agreed to be her ahead stud. She also actually did apparent a laundromat in Pahrump called grungy Laundry. And, Fleiss has ever been a fun audience on the stud smallholding subject-matter once again the years.

But all trustworthy things ...
Today, according to the assessment-newspaper, Fleiss admits that she has set up the stud smallholding venture altogether. Not that much venture was made. in preference to, Fleiss seeks -- I kid you not -- that she is mobile into variant puissance because, as she distinguishs the assessment-yearbook , "that's where the moolah is."

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