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05 June 2006


A question for you regulars:  When you visit Basic Juice what do you see - template/css wise?  You should be seeing 3 columns - left = nav, feeds, traffic; middle = content; right = sponsors, blogrolls, ads

Does the layout appear as described?

Vielen Dank!


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I see two columns, with the 3rd column, which should be the right colum, underneath all the posts. This seems to be a pretty common problem with 3-column CSS layouts.

That's in IE. In Firefox I see it as it should be.


Doh! Damn you Bill Gates. Although I'm confused. I've looked at the site on 3 different PCs with IE and the appearance was correct.

Is this a prob with a particular version of IE?

And I think everyone should just use Firefox..


I'm on a Mac, using Safari which is its default browser, and it looks fine...3 columns. But using my Mac at home with Netscape Navigator or IE, it has problems loading properly.


Looks fine in Firefox 1.5/Win32. Check out Quirksmode for the dirt on browser quirks.


Yup. I agree with Kim - 2 columns with what should be the 3rd way way down on the left side versus right.


Firefox. 3 columns. No problem.


What Wineguy said.

But I'll admit that I have been reading you in Bloglines for the past week or so. I need to stop doing that, because it is so much more interesting to read blog itself.


In Explorer, I've got two columns, with the third, right column stuffed on the bottom. At home in Safari, I get three columns, though. Hope your trip's been rockin' out!

Matt at Abstract Gourmet

I'm a bloglines reader... So I normally don't see any of your actual site... I'm sure there may be a lot of people in that category.

Looks fine to me now though... If in doubt, blame IE, it bites the big one.



Thank you all for the feedback.

Bottom line: Firefox good, some IE bad (although I'm still confused about IE with the correct layout on some of the PCs I've been using in AUT).

For those readers who don't know what the firefox is...visit and download the best (& open source) web browser around.


I'm running Camino on the Mac and the site looks great. 3 cols as you described.

Bitte schoen. ;)


ja wohl mein herr, alles gut!


I'm using IE7 beta - all looks fine and dandy.

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