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05 June 2006

Melk Abbey


Melk Abbey, called "Stift Melk," in German, is one of the few continuously active Benedictine monasteries (PS, by the way, the monks were the ones doing the vinification during much of oeno-history).  It was founded in 1089, and since then, has hosted monks, pupils, royalty and even Mozart:

"In the abbey’s chronicle one can read about the two visits of Mozart’s family in Melk Abbey in September 1767 and December 1768, that Mozart had been received with great respect and his playing the organ in the Abbey Church had been highly admired.  Wolfgang Amadeus is referred to as “most famous musician”."

Melk Abbey sits just outside the Wachau valley, high above the Danube river.  It is truly stunning to view the abbey on its rocky vantage point.  The current building was constructed between 1702-1736.  I was most impressed with some of the modern art installations hosted by the monks as well as its massive library.


Have a look at my Stift Melk photo gallery here.


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