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30 June 2006

The Big Blogcast: Stephencooks

Blogcastlogo Hi there & welcome to the Big Blogcast.  This is a new feature here at Basic Juice.  Each week I'll be chatting with the personalities behind my favorite blogs.  Today my guest is "Stephen" of Stephencooks.comAccording to his site, Stephen is a 'recovering architect,' maker of photo-based art and amateur cook living in Maine.  Stephen's wife, a bestselling author, is his kitchen partner (which is a nice way of saying she cleans up after

Download the interview (mp3; to download: right-click on link and select "save link/target as")
Part 1 - Stephen reveals he's cooking on an electric stove (gasp!)
Part 2 - Stephen discovers Chef-Boy-ardee Pizza Mix - and the rest is history
Part 3 - Quinoa doesn't do much for Stephen


Three of my favorite Stephencooks recipes

And a seriously, savagely good dessert:

Stay tuned for next week's Big Blogcast..

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