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10 June 2006

Things To Do in Vienna #742


Watching these two jam was a special, Viennese treat

Vienna is such a historic, culture-rich city, that I found myself a bit overwhelmed with Friday night options.  So I took a walk.  I wandered through the Stadtpark (city park) and noticed a blue neon sign with the words, "Two Siberians," on the placard.  The neo-jazz lover in me found these words familiar.  I walked towards the sign and entered Birdland, one of Vienna's famous jazz clubs.  After sitting down, I was duly blown away by the electric guitar - electric violin duo comprised of, well, two Siberians: Yuri Matveyev (guitar) and Artyom Yakushenko (violin).  Those two played a set of electrified music with influences ranging from jazz and blues to folk and hard rock.  Have a listen to these short sound clips I recorded with my handy-dandy digital recorder at the concert (mp3 format)

You can read more about them here.  The duo released an album in 2003, Out of Nowhere.  Tracks from the album can be purchased for download on AllOfMP3.  Check it out.

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