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12 June 2006

What I learned..


What I learned on my Live Austrian Wine Adventure

At the moment, I'm a bit too tuckered to wax all eloquent & philosophical about Austria's wines.  However, a few things that I plan to noodle over in the next few days are:

  • Terroir is detectable in the vast majority of Austrian wine
  • Austrian winemaking still seems to be evolving; with new technology & centuries' old traditions.  Sometimes the two approaches are compatible, sometimes not
  • There is much to enjoy about wine with less than 13% alcohol
  • There is much to enjoy about wine with less than 12.5% alcohol
  • Don't sleep on Austria's red wine - particularly well-crafted St. Laurent & Blaufränksich
  • Where in the world did the red grape, Blauer Portugieser come from?
  • What percentage of 'average' US wine consumers will shell out $20+ for high quality Austrian wine?
  • Grüner Veltliner has incredible aging potential - I was lucky enough to sample some dating back to 1944.  A few of these wines still tasted very, very young.  What's this grape's secret?

Additionally, there are still stories to tell about my time in the Thermenregion, visits to top wineries such as Schloss Gobelsburg & Willi Bründlmayer and sampling of several Viennese wines.  For now, have a look at a few of the LAWA photo galleries, read one of the 40+ posts I've written whilst tear-assing across the countryside in my BMW "1" series, or listen to the interviews mix'd up righteously by Winecast.

More soon.  I sure do love the 'old hotness' - but excuse me for a day or two while I enjoy the 'new hotness'!

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welcome back, you vagabond. can't wait to look at the photos.


not quite done yet! back on Wed.

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