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28 July 2006

Basic Juice Turns 2

2bday Two years ago today I started this little popsicle wine stand.  How about a few numbers?

1,485 - number of comments
1,096 -
number of posts
114 - wine-friendly recipes
79 - pet photos
55 -
Extraordinarily creative (I put the "um" in humble)  full-length wine articles
13 - posts by guest authors
10 -
number of times the word "zing" used as an adjective
4 - number of Greek wines reviewed
3 - wine raps (How you like me now?, WR2: Electric Boogaloo, Asti is dope!)
2 - pieces on bitters (Amaretto, Nostrum Remedium)
1 - use of the word "manure" in a positive way (you've got a "ma" and a "newer" - it's really quite a nice word)

I'm asking my fellow bloggers and readers to help me celebrate today.  What wine would you recommend for a 2-year blogiversary?

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Happy birthday, Beau! Obviously if you're going to celebrate, the wine should have a "two" theme, but recommending Two Buck Chuck seems a bit anticlimactic so I'd suggest Angels Share Shiraz which is made by Two Hands Winery...that way you can hear applause while you toast the milestone. Cheers!!


Congrats from the UK. A celebration? Well it has to be bubbles and for that a bottle of Louis Roederer.


Welcome among the 2 years +, Beau !
Your blog has this unique touch of humor plus plenty of unexpected gifts (I loved the guitar solo for july 4th...). Also,I know now where to go when I want to deepen my knowledge of austrian wines !

What wine for the blogiversary ?

A sparlking (c'est la fête!) rosé (c'est l'été !) like, say,... a Brut Sensation Rosé 2004 of Rousseau Frères, or a "Go et Alter" 2004 sparkling Rosé Gamay from Robinot (I did not look far, they are my two last visits!).
Keep the good job!


Beau...happy bloganniversary! You've got a lot of loyal readers out here who hope you keep it going for another two at least ;)

Given your love of "funk" in a while...I say you pick the funkiest of the funkadelic out of your cellar and get funked up tonight.


funkin A.

Rick Dobbs

I hope to someday have my blog to the point that comments outweigh the posts, that's the sign of a good blog.

David J Zen

I'll recommend another bubbly-- a tart, light cava made in Tarragona
from 100% Parellada grapes by Emmanuel Kemiji
(makes big Pinots under th Miura label)
oh, name is d'Abbatis!
happy seconds!


Happy B-day to BasicJuice! Always enjoy your posts though your short, to-the-point support for Cam in the Cam v. Miller law case is my favorite.

Vivi's Wine Journal is only 2 weeks behind, though admittedly not nearly as prolific based on those stats!

As for wine...something light, fun, and cool to beat the heat. Chenin maybe? Andrew's suggestion of a bubbly is a good idea too!


Happy 2 years!

Cam Wheeler

Congratulations on the birthday of the site.

The only sensible way to celebrate momentous occasions such as this is Krug!


thanks all for the wishes.
And Cam, I like your style. Perhaps the Missus will allow me to pop the '89 Krug...

Kevin Erskine

Congratulations! Here's to many more.

Dr. Vino

Wait--you're only two?! Are you old enough to drink?
How about a "second" wine from a leading Bordeaux house? Oh wait, those are still expensive and would take a lot of measly ad-click revnue...How about a 2004 bourgogne rouge? Not too pricey, good in the summer and from your "birth" year.

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