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07 July 2006

Combos Goes Green

Combinationslogo Surely you're aware of the monthly wine blogging extravaganza that is WineBloggingWednesday.  However, you may be unaware of a little something called Combinations. It goes at the question of wine from a foodie perspective.  The idea is to take a selected recipe each month and pair a wine to it.  Andrew of Spittoon has hosted the first three editions of Combos.  July's Combinations is taking place right 'ere, so you best start practicing your wine & food pairing...

This month I urge you to head to the green market/farmers' market and dive into fresh food.  For this edition of Combinations, your mission is to wear both an Iron Chef hat and Sommelier tastevin.  Create a dinner menu/plate using any 3 of the following fresh herbs
  • parsley
  • cilantro
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • tarragon
  • chives
  • basil
Now, whatever else you add to the dish is up to you.  However, extra bonus points are awarded for purchasing all ingredients from a green market (or your own personal garden).  Once, you've created the entree, task #2 is to select a complimentary wine.

Submit your entries by July 30.  The tastiest/most original food-wine combination will be awarded a super special Basic Juice prize.  Don't delay, start your Combo today!


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Interestingly...those are the 7 herbs I planted in my herb garden.

The cilantro didn't make it however...I guess having a dog trample it repeatedly isn't a good idea.

Interesting concept...we're in.


very interesting concept.

I just blogged about the combo of red wine and coca-cola... give it a look see. personally, i think it's disgusting myself..



Lenn - some say cinlantro is simply parsley with a case of 'BO.' Myself, I have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes it tastes great in a dish; other times, it seems to overwhelm everything...Perhaps Ben did you a favor?

g - not sure exactly what wine+coke has to do with this particular blog entry?..



This is my entry.
Thanks again.

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