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13 July 2006

Embarrassing/Not Embarrassing



(click pic to view this phat video)
In 1989, I purchased this 'band's' album.  The embarrassing thing is that I thought the music was dope.  Sideways-Gumby-fades, spandex, the running man, a bridge rap - what's not to like!?  Word to the U-Krew.

Not Embarrassing


There are few things in the world of wine more satisfying than a reasonably-priced, tasty red Burgundy.  Bernard Morey's Old Vines (Vieilles Vignes) Santenay 2002 ($20-$25) is a classic, slightly rustic expression of Pinot Noir.  I wouldn't be embarrassed to serve this wine to the Queen of England, the Pope, or a Rabbi (isn't this how that one joke begins?..).  This Santenay is a dusty ruby color with scents of red plum, tomato and strawberry.  In the mouth Morey's Burgundy is light and crisp.  It possesses flavors of red berries, a little bittersweet chocolate along with just a smidgeon of vanilla.  This wine makes the perfect accompaniment to herb-stuffed, roasted chicken.  Forget, just Tuesdays; I could spend nearly every day with Morey.  The wines of Bernard Morey are imported by Vineyard Brands.

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