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21 July 2006

Is The Price Right?

Click-on which wine represents the best value for your money.

2004 La Conreria D'Scala Dei 'Les Brugueres'


2003 Liveli 'Passamante' Salento IGT Negroamaro


Read on to find out why you were correct/incorrect..

I really wanted to love 'Les Brugueres.'  Alas, I ended up simply liking it.  The wine has an interesting history.  I'ts made in Spain's Priorat region, from the unique White Grenache grape variety - grown on 100+ year old vines.  This fact alone, makes Les Brugueres an interesting sip.  But for $20-$25, I was left wanting more.  This wine offered scents of peach, blossom and cream.  It possesses a smooth, rich texture.  However, the wine's flavor is a bit one-dimensional.  Try it - if only to say: "Guess what?  I've had a wine made from White Grenache." (imported by European Cellars)

Yes, comparing white wine to red wine is an apples-oranges exercise.  However, a tasty, low-priced orange wins out over a pricier, less-tasty apple any day of he week.

Liveli 'Passamante' is 100% Negroamaro (which means 'bitter black' in Italian).  I rarely get the feeling that such wines are bitter.  Good Negroamaro is like biting into a just-ripe blackberry - sweet, tart, and a little bit sassy.  As a scent & flavor bonus, Passamante adds notes of cedar and pepper into the mix.  Liveli's wine clocks in at $10, making it a dandy deal.  This wine, from Italy's heel, is light and crisp, which makes it quite flexible with food.  Try it with grilled chicken or pepperoni pizza. (imported by Dalla Terra)

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You should try the 2004 Del Pino Dolcetto; it is so pretty and not one of these Dolcettos on steroids like the 2003s or some of these oaked ones. For a great, affordable, food-friendly red I would put Dolcetto right up there with Cru Beau-jolais as the most criminally overlooked.

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