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19 July 2006

Nortec Collective

NortecNortec Collective (latest release: Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3) asks you to forget what you know about Tijuana before listening to their music.  In fact, the collective is more than a music group.  It's a group of musicians, architects, filmmakers, graphic designers, artists, and fashion stylistas.  But let's focus on the music side of things for a bit.

The Collective's genre-bending sounds blend electronica to Norteño, Ranchera, and Banda Sinaloense - Mexicanized hybrids of polka (!) and waltz (!!) brought to Mexico by German farmers (!!!).  The sound is like no other.  It's at once groovy, oompa-y, and latin.  One thing I can guarantee when you listen to the music, your feet/booty/hands will not remain still.  Yes, I know it's the holiday season, but nothing will make cookie-baking sessions as fun as listening to NC's music while you measure flour, sugar and salt.

My favorite tracks (listen to the album here):
El Fracaso - an oompa polka groove countered by blaring trumpets and a mean snare drum
Olvidela Compa - swingin clarinets and one sweet accordian
Autobanda - more tuba-driven polka sounds; but this time distorted and funked up with electronic beats
Funky Tamazula - had James Brown lived in Tijuana he would have made a song like this

Wine Pairing:  This music makes me immediately think of two wine styles: Spicy or Sparkly.

On the spicy tip, try a Cali Zin by Ridge (Pagani Ranch is a goodie)

If these tunes bring on a bout of the bubbly-joneses, groove with a sparkly Chardonnay by Charles de Fère or Argyle's sparkling Oregon Brut.


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