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25 July 2006

Remember to Combine Your Greens

Combinationslogo_2 Don't forget that the deadline for submissions to July's episode of Combinations is coming up on July 30.  This month, I'm asking you to combine your greens:

Your mission is to wear both an Iron Chef hat and Sommelier tastevin.  Create a dinner menu/plate using any 3 of the following fresh herbs: parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, chives, basil...or any other fresh green herb.

Now, whatever else you add to the dish is up to you.  However, extra bonus points are awarded for purchasing all ingredients from a green market (or your own personal garden).  Once, you've created the entree, task #2 is to select a complimentary wine.

Katie P. stimulated the creative side of Combos by suggesting a Kaffir Lime Leaf-based dish + white Bordeaux.

Andrew of Spittoon gets the gold star for early submission with his Prawns & fresh herb dip + Gavi (Italian white wine).


A great combo, no?  Now go pick some herbs and start combining!

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