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08 August 2006

BJI: Xtra Snark Edition

Basic Juice Intelligencer
8 Aug 2006
Good/Bad Combo Edition


*test pattern*test pattern*test pattern*test pattern*

How to start a wine cellar (step one: contract OCD)

Boost your wine's attraction! (note: using magnets, rare earths, or reciting the 'squibldy-doo' incantation DO NOT improve craptastic wine.  PS - I don't care if the inventor is an MD and MW; he's full of schist)

Pheeewww.  We can all drink vodka again. "..One of the worst crises in the entire history of the industry is over, just days before vodka disappeared from store shelves.." (note to self: Don't take, or appear to take, vodka away from Russian consumers)

Disney + Wine - a match made in the 4th zone of the 9th circle of hell

Extra! Extra! Wine writing is full of cliches

Wine & dine your way to romance (and after one or two of these six-course, four-wine meals; treat yourself to a colonic)

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