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01 August 2006


Mwpinotcorse Hey, yo.  I drank this wine, right.
Ruby red, cherry aroma; not too tight
Not so strange.  But dig this:
It's from Napoleon's birth-site.

Howdy Monsieur, much obliged for the avant-garde.
Even though, you own nary a vine-yard.
Vanilla charred, speakin of which or who,
wine all toasty like you tossed in an oak or two.
A glass of baked fruit cru; bottled in C.A. - who knew?

His name rhymes with "Spark Test."
You could call him experimenter, quester, Mr. Mark West.
Able to snag Pinot from a Mediterranean Isle,
then bring it back; age it on the P-coast for a while.

More interesting than any critter-wine bottling.
When you're online, find it on wine-searcher-ing.
What's up with your Pinot? It's cheap and a good drink.
Whoever don't like it, needs examined - they can't think.

Brought to you by:
Mark West Pinot Noir 2004 ($8-$10)
Pinot Noir sourced (harvested and vinified) from Corsica; then matured and bottled in California.
Try it with: grilled veggies & goat cheese

Rhymes inspired by ATHF

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Silly me, I didn't know that wines could be sourced in one place, then bottled in another. Maybe I've seen that (without knowing it) with all the wine co-ops in France?

Anyhoo, Corsican wine is cheap and fun! Ergo I think it, rather than the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, inspired your rhymes. :)


I'm fond of quite a few of the Corsican wines that Kermit Lynch imports - I've never seen a Corsican wine that wasn't one he imported.

So your post is quite a surprise. I have to wonder how many people who buy this wine realize that it's not a Sonoma County pinot noir. My guess is that not even 1 in 10 realize it's a Corsican wine.

Collin Christenbury

Word, word, word 'em up.

I talked to one of the guys from Mark West at the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience & he said just what Jack suspected. He says most of their sales were from label recognition. People like the brand & dont really care where what's in the bottle, came from. Silly people....drinking wine like Coca-cola....not that there is anything wrong with that. ;)

It still made in the Cali-style you would expect from Mark West, though. I liked it & it is a nice dealy yo.
I'm audi 5000...


Ali - how about we compromise on the inspiration: 50% good, cheap Corsican wine; 50% crazy rhymes by Danger Doom?

Jack - I'm hoping to explore Kermit's Corsican portfolio. Admittedly, this wine doesn't possess any distinct terroir - other than the fact that it's quite a good, cheap Pinot (which, itself is quite the feat). To me, it seems a little lighter and more perfumed than most budget Sonoma Pinots I've sampled.

Collin - got no probs with buying a label - as long as the wine is reliably good. At a minimum, the 2004 West is a fine little wine at a bargain price. I wonder if the '05 will be a repeat performance?


I agree. I have tried both of the '04 Pinots, the Central Coast & the Corsican (not back to back) & both were excellent, especially for the price.


Love your site, thanks for all the great info.
Has anyone seen this wine blog?
Nothing better than a nice swedish girl talking about central coast pinot.


Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

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