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18 August 2006

Mystery Moose


Spot the moose, win a prize.
(taken 12-aug-06, Amethyst Lake trail, high Uintas, Ut.)

[update] All good guesses.  However, you have to look very close in order to see the moose.  Click here for a zoomed-in view of the mystery moose.  Perhaps then you will be able to spot the mystery Cervid.


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Right in front of the tree that's left of center, head bent down, eating from the ground.


Where? Behind the rabbit?


I see it. It's a small chocolate-brown speck, smack dab in the middle of the photo. What do I win? :)


looks like all of my moose pictures, easy as pie to spot... of course, in my pictures the moose isn't wearing a "Whatsamatta U" sweatshirt... - j


Oh dear ali, that's a chocolate bunny. Keep lookin!

Pies? Did you mean moose pies, jeff?!


moose turd pies, yes. here's a link:


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