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16 August 2006

Piedmont Jeopardy

Trebek I'll take "red grapes of Italy's Piedmont" for 200, Alex.

And the answer is: This grape variety is analogous to Merlot in Bordeaux.  It ripens early and produces easy-drinking wine with soft tannins.

Don't forget to answer in the form of a question.

Cue theme music

Dolcetto What is Dolcetto?

You are correct!

Dolcetto is an early-ripener, with low acid and very soft tannins.  Dolcetto-based wines are often described as soft, round and fruity.  In local parlance, the name means, "little sweet thing."  Indeed, Doclettos (most commonly from Alba.."d'Alba") are a veritable cornucopia of black- & blueberry flavors.  Occasionally, you may be surprised by added notes of almond or licorice.  Nothing fancy - Dolcetto acts as vineyard insurance for estates that make their big Lira from Barbera or Nebbiolo-based wines.  These more noble (read: more finicky) grape varieties ripen later and require some time in barrel in order to soften up their abrasive tannins.  But hey, during the dog-days of summer, I don't want to fight with gnarly tannins or caustic acidity.  Give me simple & soft, and I'm happy.

Do the Dolcetto:  Principiano "Sant' Anna" Dolcetto d'Alba 2004 ($13, 13% alcohol, imported by Vias)

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that can't really be alex trebeck... or can it?


'tis indeed "Trebek" (read with Sean Connery's accent) - back in the days of double jeopardy, fat ties and white guy fros (i.e. the 70s).

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