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15 August 2006

Poll Results

The results of last week's poll

"Do shelf-talkers affect your wine purchasing decisions?"


Total: 66 votes

It seems that the shelf-talker is a factor in most of folks' wine purchasing.


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I like the term "shelf talker." It reminds me of "horse whisperer."

wine grapes

I work in a wine store and we always use shelf talkers because they educate the wine novice and help people to decide which wines are to their liking. They have socres from the major wine magazines on them as well, which serve as a guide for people looking for a respectable wine in their pricerange. Very important to the wine merchant in my point of view. Great blog, I have noted your url and will ad you to my website in the links directory.


Ali - I was thinking 'shelf talker' was more akin to 'hot pockets'

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