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30 August 2006

Poll: What Pushes Your 'Buy It' Button?

Petrock You are a smart, savvy wine purchaser, right?  You only buy wine after thoroughly researching its origin, the winemaker's philosophy and time of day when the grapes were harvested.  Or do you?  It's time for honesty (don't worry, you're anonymous).  Think of the last wine you purchased in a wine shop.  Which of the below factors most influenced your decision to dole out dough for vino:

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This poll is limited, in that it only really applies to buying wine blind. The majority of my purchases are actually based on tastings. I keep notes largely so I'll remember what to buy down the road.


Indeed it is limited - there are a number of other influencers on our wine buying. Howeva, the vast majority of wine buyers don't do tastings and don't keep notes. I was looking for what resources most people draw on when they're in the shop.

One factor could be personal tasting notes. Duly noted.


The last bottle of wine I bought was one I was familiar with already.

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