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18 September 2006

All The News That's Fit To Paste

Newsie page 1

The Reformers Have It 
BRUSSELS, Belgium European Union farm ministers on Monday said they overwhelmingly support a profound reform of the continent's wine industry to tackle overproduction and increasing global competition (Int' Herald Trib).

Guiness - Watch Your O'Back
Figures compiled by the Wine Development Board of Ireland show that the wine market is growing by approximately 4% per year, at a time when other European markets are contracting (Irish Examiner).

Americans, Drink Up.  Those Stem Cells Aren't Coming Any Time Soon
NEW YORK, Sept. 18 --  York researchers have found that moderate red-wine consumption in a form of Cabernet Sauvignon may help reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease (UPI).

Make Al Happy.  Use Green(er) Glass
The Waste & Resources Action Programme is teaming up with British Glass in an effort to encourage importers, producers and retailers to ship their wine into the UK in bulk and then bottle it domestically using lightweight bottles (Edie News).

page 2

Chateau Fargo Anyone?
BUFFALO (AP) - Steve Hogen says most people think North Dakota is too cold for wine production. He used to think the same thing.  "When we were asked if we had thought about growing grapes, our initial reaction was, 'You've got to be nuts, this is North Dakota,'" Hogen said (Bismarck Trib.).

Better Wine Through Chemistry.  Courtesy - The American Chemical Society
SAN FRANCISCO — This city is a short stagger from the nation's winemaking heart, a geography lesson not lost on the chemists who flocked here recently with scientific papers and theories on how to take some of the guesswork out of grape growing and winemaking (AP).

Wine Marketing is Too High to be Popular (wha..?)
Most wines are publicized in high-end brand way, and the price is much higher than common beer and spirit. So, the common people are not used to drinking wine.  Wine is a healthy drink that contains many nutrition elements, which is worthy to be publicized. Judging from the current situation, wine had been not established the consumption market in a popular style (wines-info, China).

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