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25 September 2006

beni's baby b

Barbaresco is the more graceful sibling of Barolo.  Both wines, made from Northern Italy's Nebbiolo grape, are often very austere and quite pricey. Thus they are not readily sipped by wine newbies.  In addition to the price and style factors is the age factor.  Many Nebbiolo-based wines aren't approachable within the first decade of bottle-life.  Thus, if you are new to the 'killer b' scene, it's wise to kick off your Barolo/Barbaresco exploration with a less-expensive Barbaresco.  While budget-Barbs don't offer the depth and complexity of luxe Barbarescos or big Barolos, they do provide the budding oenonaut with a taste of Nebbiolo's distinct flavor profile.  So, if you've never had Nebbiolo, try Beni's Barbaresco and see if Nebbiolo is for you.

Barb_2 Beni di Batasiolo Barbaresco 2000 ($30)

  • Imported into the US by Boisset America; 13% alcohol
  • 100% Nebbiolo from Italy's Piedmont (northwest)
  • Rusty ruby in color with a wide, orange-brown rim
  • Scents of graphite, violets, dried cherry and a touch of birch beer (really)
  • This wine is what I would call, "slow acting."  After sip numero uno, It seems smooth and submissive.  Yet as the wine washes across the plate its tannins begin to grip.  While in the grip of Beni's tannins, subdued flavors of tart cherry, herbs and earth are revealed.
  • While this isn't an earth shattering Nebbiolo by any means, Batasiolo Barbaresco is indeed a very nice introduction to the nuances of Nebbiolo.
  • Verdict: Recommended

Try this wine with slow roasted lamb - the perfect match.

Read more about Northern Italy's b's (Barolo & Barbaresco & Barbera).

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