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06 September 2006


There is always a mass of memes/lists/questions floating about the Internets.  Having been tagged for one by granny wielding a poultry-laden cart, I felt it was time to download & de-list the meme-of-the-moment, which is currently squatting on neuro-real estate in my cranium.  Think of this as kind of a frontal lobe colonic.

Leo 5 Things to Eat Before You Die
Nothing like talk of death to get one pondering the joys of gastronomy.  Hmm, how about, "5 Bottles of Wine to Drink with Famous Folk Before Someone (other than myself) Dies"

5. Share a Bottle of Gran Reserva Rioja with Mr. E. Vedder on the Pacific coast
4. Slowly savor 100-year old Madeira with Chuck Darwin while observing boobies, tortoises and finches on the Galapagos
3. Sip an ancient Vouvray with T.R. and F.D.R. on the porch of a cabin in Yellowstone
2. Slurp a Methuselah of Champagne with father Dom and The Widow in a Paris Bistro
1. Sidle up to a decades' old Barolo with Leo d. V. in a Florence piazza.

Is there a bottle you'd like to share with any famous folk?


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Sip a 1912 Warre's with Winston C. Anywhere.


5. A Richebourg with Robert Anton Wilson

4. A Sassicaia with Frank Frazetta

3. A Jeroboam of Veuve with Henry Rollins

2. A Brunello with Chris Cornell

1. A Chateauneuf-du-Pape with Phillip K. Dick

Garry Clark

A bottle of 1982 Haut Brion and a bottle of 1782 Haut Brion with Thomas Jefferson.

A bottle of Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill with Winston Churchill.

A bottle of Egly-Ouriet Grand Cru Rose with Marilyn Monroe.

A Magnum of Dom Perignon 1985 with Terry Thomas.

A bottle of Latour 1900 with Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


I'm so disappointed no one has wished for a few boxes of 'emerald riesling' or 'mountain burgundy' with Fred Franzia or his Uncle Gallo.

Are ya'll wine lovers or not!?


5. 1990 Romanee Conti "La Tache" with Ruyard Kippling

4. 1992 Taylor Flatgate Vintage Porto with Elvis Presely

3. 1985 Sassicaia with Leonardo DaVinci

2. 1847 Chateau d'Yquem with Napoleon Bonaparte

1. 1961 Chateau Palmer with Albert Einstein

...of course this choice is based and me having this chat with each of them today!

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