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13 September 2006

Do You ABV?


I've been reading The Scotch Blog - Kevin Erskine's super Scotch site - for a while. A few months ago he asked me to write a series on Sherry, as a number of whisky producers use retired Sherry barrels in which to age their Scotch. 

After a few back-and-forths, we discovered we had more in common than our love of alco-bevs - we had a similar view on how to write about these beverages.

After a while we decided that it would be interesting to form a loose coalition of independent sites who write passionality about wine & spirits. Today, we proudly announce the launch of The ABV network.

Members of ABV retain their independence, and continue to write in their own inimitable style.  However by joining forces, we hope to be able to offer a network of sites, which will cover the spectrum of dining, Scotch, wine, etc. - all with compelling voices.

Read our press release here.

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