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01 September 2006

I call BS

Bs_1 Dear Ms. Thompson:

You are SO full of it.  Sheesh.


Basic Juice

PS - How much are the big wine & spirits distributors paying you to pimp/lie for 'em?

PPS - It's bad karma to lie.

PPPS - You look like you could use a drink...hey-o!


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All it needed was a sponsors message at the bottom. "This message brought to you by restrictive practices inc"


All I have to say is that this is NOT a member of my family...despite us sharing both a surname and a first initial!

Complete and utter bs.


I'm thinking of drafting a counterpoint article entitled, "Alcohol Distributors - responsible for underage drinkers getting fake IDs?" or perhaps, "Alcohol Distributors - responsible for convenience store crimes?"

You can rest assured it will be fair & balanced.

Kevin Erskine

What I don't understand is that most online sales of alcohol are done by existing brick and mortar shops, aren't they?

So why would distributors, who make money no matter who buys and resells, care?

Most big distributors are multi-state...


I think what makes the big distributors angry & nervous is the winery-/producer- & importer-direct online sales movement. Such sales bypass distributors alltogether. Thus, no cut of the pie for them.

But you bring up a good point. Currently, most online sales are made by traditional brick & mortar shops.


But the package comes with "brown paper" around it! What is a parent to do? Oh, my! How can they break through that mysterious cover?

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