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24 September 2006

Sparklepoll Results

Apparently, a majority of you think Champagne is overpriced.  Yet 49% of ya'll suck it up and buy the bubbles because they are so tasty.


I have to agree.  Yes - it is expensive to produce.  However, by and large, Champagne is likely a wee bit overpriced.  Yet, I'll suck it up, plonk down the extra cash and pop the cork.

Stay tuned for another wine poll.

Bonus, post-poll Youtube fun:


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Dr. Vino


The Champagne region has managed to escape relatively unscathed from the current crisis in french wine bc people at home and abroad are willing to pay up. Why? Perhaps bc it is tasty. But perhaps too bc it is associated with celebrations and people are willing to pay up at the holidays, weddings, promotions etc.

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