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26 September 2006

WBW#26: Where's Wino?

Whereswino_1 Gather round ye fans & friends of WineBloggingWednesday.  Boy, do I have a theme for you!  WBW#26 is going to be affectionately named, "Where's Wino?"  And, no, you don't have to try and locate me - thanks for asking.  Rather, #26 will take us on a worldwide wine adventure.  Here's how its going down..

I. By Wednesday, October 11th, sample a wine from one of the following areas:

White Wine - New York, Oregon or Italy
Red Wine - Washington, Spain or France

II. Write up a description of the wine.  This could take the form of a tasting note (for the wine geeks).  Alternatively, if you fancy yourself a wine drinker/enjoyer rather than a wine geek, write up a description of the wine that includes the color, scents, flavors, amount of alcohol, what food you had it with, if you liked it, what kind of tree it would be if it were a tree, etc.

III.  Email (don't post in comments) your wine tasting note/description to me [beau {aT} basicjuice {d0t} com] along with the wine's name & origin.

IV.  On October 11th (or thereabouts) I'll post the wine descriptions sans name & origin.

V.  During the following week all WBW participants are invited to guess as to the origins of each of the submitted wines.  S/he who gets the most correct wins a prize valued at......drumroll........Twenty-damn-Dollars!  In the event of a tie, I'll come up with a few wine trivia smackdown questions to decide the grand prize winner.


  1. Do I have to submit a red and white wine?  No - simply select one wine - red or white - from one of the areas listed above (e.g. a Chardonnay from Long Island, a Merlot from Washington, a Spanish Rioja, etc.).
  2. This sounds difficult.  Do I have to be a wine expert to participate?  No - you won't be judged on how you write about your wine.  I'm simply interested in doing something different, and fun, for WBW.
  3. What's the prize?  Since some of you (including me) live in ultra-puritanical repressive regions of the world, the prize is not wine.  However, the prize is something that anyone, anywhere will be able to use (and use happily).
  4. Other questions?  Submit them in the comments section

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Eya Sam,
I thought of proposing a round of wine charades, but considering our medium, 'where's wino' seemed easier.
hope you participate!


So do we blog our blind tasting notes or just send you an email with them complete? You certainly deserve some sort of prize for originality for such a theme ;-)


Send the tasting notes/reviews to moi via email - complete with name of your wine.

I'll then post a summary of all the wines minus their names & info.

Tim - so what prize are you getting me?


Hmm, since I can't mail you wine due to stupid state laws, perhaps a nifty new corkscrew?


you can mail me 'vinegar'


Dave Fortna

Sounds like fun! Hope I can do it...

At any rate the WBW #26 Announcement is up @ AvenueVine!

Thanks up front for your efforts.


Jim Eastman

I'm hosting a party the weekend before, so I'm going to add a fun little twist and pass on the results.

Great concept. I'm looking forward to this one. :-D


Looking forward to your contributions Jim & Dave!


hey! what happened to the southern hemisphere?

chile, australia, new zealand and south africa??? we're the forgotten little nations down under!!!

no worries. it's more of a challenge this way.


Anna - the slight was not intentional. I plan to do a wino II for the S. hemisphere.


there's still time for me to play. off i go to write about the vino. yum.


Go for it V!



Thanks for hosting.
Have just emailed my guesses as to the identity of the wines.
You might need to check the junk section of your email - which is where most of my email seems to end up!



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