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17 October 2006

Chair Beats Wallaby

Renebarbier_chair Before there were day-glo kangaroos on labels, there was The chair.  Prior to puny little penguins, there was The chair.  Ante- most any cuddley, crittery wine, The chair reigned supreme.

The chair is not cute. It is not pretentious.  The chair is simply drinkable, cheap wine.  It isn't terribly memorable.  Indeed, it is most memorable for what it lacks.  The chair lacks Hi-C phony flavor intensity.  It is void of misbehaved tannins.  It does not possess a sonic-inebriating alcohol content of 16, 15, or 14%.  In short, The chair is table wine in the most unobtrusive sense of the word.

The chair beats any schmalzily-marketed wine in the $5-$7 range.  Try out The chair.

The Skinny
Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red ($5-$7) NV, Catalunya Spain

  • Imported by Freixenet; 12.5% alcohol; a blend of Tempranillo, Monastrell (aka Mourvedre) and Grenache.  Available at supermarkets everywhere.
  • A simple, soft-structured red wine that is made to take an unobtrusive spot at the dinner table or party.  Flavors of ripe, red raspberry are prominent, but subdued.  The perfect wine to sip while you concentrate on preparing your first Chicago/Uno/Duo-style pizza.


PS - Pizza was a success, and oh-so-easy (recipe here)

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I must try the pizza recipe, I spent 6 months in Chicago, divided roughly equally between Gino's East, Uno's and Anne Sathers for the cinnamon rolls. I've never found pizza quite the same.


GG - It's so incredibly easy (dough mixer helped much), I'm sure you'll a) have no problems and b) love it.

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i will try to cook this pizza because i never try to cook a pizza.

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