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11 October 2006

"Immensely Buzzy Mouthfeel" :WBW#26

Whereswbw_3 Marcus, the good Doktor Weingolb delivers entry#10:

The uncorking: My first thought is wow. Immensely buzzy mouthfeel produced from what seems to be fruit and a ton of alcohol. I think this wine is lacking balance, unfortunately. A lot of heat, soupy on the nose and scorching on the palate (Yes, indeed, the label says 15%)...

A half-hour later: Dinner, something I've paired to match the wine, is now on the table: merguez and couscous with vegetables. The wine shows some signs of yielding slightly to the hyper-sweet stewed raisins in the harissa-scented couscous and the flavourful garlic and spiced meat of the lamb sausage also try to tame this beast in a bottle. Gamier food would be more ideal but the lamb is pretty pungent. Yet the wine still comes off for the most part as a kind of very berry cocktail made primarily of cranberry vodka. But
there is some echo of bramble going down, an interesting hint of clove and maybe some of that storied barnyard I am eager to experience. So this means I have hope that further aeration dials this red wine down a bit. Meanwhile it is medium-bodied, dry, with some length on the finish but more tannin and acid are needed for greater structure. The wine was about $20 and I wouldn't go out and purchase more of it.

5 hours later...: It has gotten rounder with more softened fruit flavours like cherries or even strawberries, but the alcohol is still to hot.

For entry#11, the Yarn and Cocktailers bring us an interesting, mysterious white wine:

This unique blend of six grape varieties (5 white and one red) culminating in an intellectually created albeit delicious white wine. The color is kinda light golden and the aromatics are a blend of things like apples, pears, baking spices, oranges, honeydew melon, flowers and a bit of smoke and vanilla. The wine is much fuller bodied than I was expecting given it origin. It's loaded with ripe fruit flavors, has an incredibly rich texture, and a rather juicy acidity. There's a bit of oak in here, but so much complexity in both flavor (exotic) and texture (pretty darn rich), that it's not a dominant factor.

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Re: entry #10
I probably wrote too much yet again (Tom Wark says aim for 17 words) but I thought I would link to the entire shooting match here.

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