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19 October 2006

Juice Crew Plan

Bjuicecrew_1 Robin, The Basic Juice Crew's winemaking liaison, brings us news from Eaglepoint:

"The wine plan is now updated online. Eaglepoint grapes started coming in today.  They will be sorting/crushing the [Petit Sirah] and Syrah today, Friday & Saturday. If anyone is interested in rolling up sleeves on the Syrah, Friday afternoon or Sat am might be a good time.  Unless we make an appointment, however, there are no promises and they'll just keep moving the stuff through until it's done.

Grenache is coming in next week. I scheduled an appt to sort for next friday, 27th at 6pm.  Anyone around to join me?

The winemaking plan:  Please take a look (view Basic Juice Crew's 'Winemaking Status' on Crushnet).  I was interested in the blending process so I thought I'd share what I learned today about how we'll do this at Crushpad.  Basically since we are doing a blend, it will be "crushpad" wine until December. Until then, they'll process the Syrah, PS and Grenach pretty much they way they think they want to do it for anyone who wants to blend with these wines.  The winemaking plan reflects their plan for whole berry/crushed for each varietal at this point.  At press it will all be put into neutral oak barrels until December.

Then around December we get to decide how much of which blend we want, and into what kind of barrel.  Kian (CP winemaker dude) was thinking we might want to do more Syrah - but that is because the Syrah came in today.

We have all but 11 10 cases allocated, right Beau?  My experience from last year is it was hard to get anyone involved after crush - so now is the time to rally more people!

If you can't be there live next Friday, see if you can tune in via the crushpad cam."

Thanks Robin!

If you want to be a part of this winemaking odyssey, visit Crushnet and join the Basic Juice Crew.  We want you to crush wit' us.


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