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12 October 2006

"Slight Greenish Tint" :WBW#26

From WBW-father, Lenn of Lenndevours, we have entry#16:

ight yellow with a slight greenish tint.

The nose is lemony, appley and crisp with just the most subtle spiciness.

Dry, light bodied and clean. Focused flavors of lemon zest and citrus with fresh, playful acidity. Crisp apple on the surprisingly lengthy finish with minerals and lots of spice.

James of Second Leaf chimes in at entry#17:

Title: The Odd Couple

This wine is a tale of two grapes, an odd couple of sorts, blended in equal parts. Although both varieties share the same color and have long histories in wine making, the similarities end there.  One is a classic grape which has enjoyed international success both as a blending wine as well as standing on its own. Lately this grape is also experiencing unprecedented popularity in California where significant new plantings are showing up each year. The other grape, however, continues to toil in obscurity where it is only celebrated, and perhaps marooned, in the region where this wine originates.

Let’s see what happens when these two grapes are lifted up together and share the same glass.

This wine is light straw in color with a watery clear edge. The nose is dominated by tropical fruits, pineapple taking center stage. The fruit aromas are complimented by scents of honey and flowers. The presence of a subtle clean mineral edge, however, keeps the nose focused and promises balance. In the mouth, this wine is initially soft and supple with the honey and tropical fruit flavors melding together and then fading into a crisp, clean, and slightly tart finish. An uncomplicated but still refined effort, this is a food friendly wine that would pair beautifully with fish or poultry.

It’s hard to say why some grapes gain world acclaim while others do not but clearly these two grapes flourish both in the ground next to each other as well as blended in the same bottle.

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