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11 October 2006

WBW#26: "Dark Fruits, Hints of Earth"

Entry#4 from Bill of The Wine for Newbies Podcast:

The color was a pure garnet without any hint of turning to brick, which is consistent with the vintage at this point. The aromas were dark fruits with hints of earth, and the flavor profile followed through on the same notes. The wine at first seemed a bit light on the palate, but the flavors came through in the middle and lasted through a nice long finish. Alcohol content was 13%. The wife and I grilled up a porterhouse steak and shared it--the wine was a pretty good match. Oven roasted potatoes accompanied the beef.

Entry#5 from Catherine of Purple Liquid:

The color is medium-red. The nose has cherry and plum
aromas with notes of smoke. The palate  is medium-bodied, firm, spicy,
with good acidity and length, and a touch of caramel on the finish. We
paired the wine  with barbecued pork loin and white beans which
brought out the smokiness and earthiness of the wine.

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Excellent post. Could not have said it any better myself. Hat's off to a post well said.

Red Wine

I'm still trying to find a good red wine.

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